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Are Selena Gomez And Zac Efron Dating? New Information On Their Rumored Secret Romance

There might be A hollywood that is new couple city.

Zac Efron and Selena Gomez have already been getting just a little better than usual, relating to a brand new report from Radar on line. Sources told the gossip mag which they've been "hanging down and talking." There is clearly an "attraction" between the Disney that is former Channel, but it is one which has their mutual buddies stressed. Due to the fact of Zac, 31, and Selena's, 26, "highly painful and sensitive personalities."

“A great deal of individuals think their chemistry is a recipe for tragedy,” a source told Radar. “Both of them tend to go the rails off whenever they’re perhaps maybe not residing a completely concentrated, hyper-regimented life style with a group of helpers maintaining them on the right track.”

But, similar to superstars most likely do, they may be ignoring their buddies' issues, have actually "downplayed any fear," and are "enjoying the known undeniable fact that they have reconnected."

So can be Selena Gomez and Zac Efron dating? This is what we all know.

1. Except that their Disney connections, additionally they worked together on a film.

Selena showed up the sequel of Zac's hit comedy Neighbors, plus they reportedly got along well on set. Selena starred alongside Zac and Seth Rogen within the film that came away in 2016 as president of a sorority.

2. They each have actually their set that is own of health conditions.

Section of exactly exactly what has their friends so concerned is the fact that both Zac and Selena have actually handled and so are nevertheless coping with some severe health that is mental.

Radar formerly stated that Zac has already established addiction problems since 2011 — with a number of medications Adderall that is including, and marijuana — and his buddies and household fear he could relapse 1 day.

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